PC Doctor!
 Consumer Downloads:

1) TeamViewer Easy Remote Support
2) cCleaner Cleans Temp & Junk Files
3) GoogleChrome Browsing; Made Better
4) VLC Player Easily Plays All Media
5) PatchMyPC Stay Updated; Stay Safe
6) ClassicShell Windows 8 Start Button

 Current Deal:

Upgrade Specials
Get 10% off all in-shop hardware upgrades; video cards, RAM, PSU.

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 New Computers
Here at PC Doctor we pride ourselves on building high quality, custom built desktop PC's.

Our Custom Builds

We hand select all components, and double check them for full system compatibility.

All components are business class, and rated for high end gaming, or solid workstation performance, and can be customized to fit your needs.

We warranty all of our new custom built PC's for 3 years!

We also sell brand new Business class laptops!

Our Asus Laptops

Our new laptops are top of the line, and come with a 1 year accidental damage warranty.

Whether you are looking to do accounting, or just watch a movie and surf the internet while you travel, our laptops have the features you need.
Wide format screens, 10 key on the keyboard itself with no need to special function keys, HDMI out, USB 3.0 for your high speed external devices, Integrated WiFi, and anti-spill keyboards.

Stop in today to try them out, and if you need something special to suit your needs, we would happy to help get you just what you are looking for.

 Refurbished Systems
PC Doctor carries a wide variety of used or refurbished desktop PC's and laptops.

Looking for a cheaper solution to adding a 2nd or 3rd PC to your household? How about a laptop to take on those trips to stay in touch with friends, and family, or just be entertained on those long flights, or road trips?

Stop in and have a look at our current selection of used computers!

We fully test all hardware, and warranty all of our used computers for 90 days. We always do a fresh install of Windows (versions of Windows vary from computer to computer), and pre-install all Windows updates, and most common applications.

PC Doctor has exactly what you need for your desktop monitor needs!

We stock many sizes of new and used desktop monitors, from 17" to 24" on average, and are more than happy to custom order any other size to suit your needs.

All new monitors have a 1 year warranty standard, with some having a 3 year warranty. All used monitors have a 90 day warranty standard.

Stop in today, and let us get you seeing your digital world in a size and clarity that works for you!

 Ink and Upgrdes
PC Doctor stocks most top brand inks for your ink jet and laser printers!

We also have all of your computer upgrade needs covered as well! More RAM, bigger Hard Drive, External back up devices, Flash drives, we have those!

Installing a new device? Need a USB cable? We have those. From 6' to 15'. Cat5 cables in many different lengths, as well as the ability to make them at custom lengths for you as well. Got a new HDTV, and want to connect your PC to it? We have the HDMI cables to help you do just that in crystal clear quality.

Stop in today, and let us help you find exactly what you are looking for!