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1) TeamViewer Easy Remote Support
2) cCleaner Cleans Temp & Junk Files
3) GoogleChrome Browsing; Made Better
4) VLC Player Easily Plays All Media
5) PatchMyPC Stay Updated; Stay Safe
6) ClassicShell Windows 8 Start Button

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 Custom Design, Hosting & Coding
     Here at PC Doctor we feel websites should no longer be flat, boring, boxed up walls of text! We give every one of our sites a unique & dynamic layout that escapes the box. The Web 2.0 concept has been around for years. Does your website use it?

     Placing limits on hosting in this day and age is simply a gimmick to make more money. With a framework called cloud hosting/computing in place it effectively nullifies the need for bandwidth limiting on the majority of websites. For you; this translates into the word unlimited. We give you unlimited space, bandwidth & email addresses- at the same price that most hosts, local competitors included, offer for their "basic" (limited) package.

     How your website is built or coded is one of the most important aspects of website design. If the code is not configured correctly then your site may not look correct or be operable across different browsers. Every time an update occurs on one of the sites we maintain, we test it in the latest version of the three major browsers; Internet Explorer, Google Chrome & FireFox. We then correct any display issues- making sure your organization can fully reach its potential audience!

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