Web Design

 Hosting We provide hosting at the lowest prices, which include unlimited bandwidth, email accounts and data storage.  Design We build custom designs that are then placed into WordPress, allowing you to update the website with ease.

On-Site Service

   On Site Call to schedule a time for our tech to come out and assist whether you’re a business or private residence. • Wireless Networks installed and secured • Networking configuration and installation • PC Technical Support • PC Repair / Troubleshooting • PC Setup / Installation • System Security Testing    

In-Shop Repairs

     In Shop Stop on by any time with your computer, we will check it in and run our free diagnostics on the computer, then call you back with a quote. In shop, we can do any kind of upgrades, repairs or data recovery. • Hardware Upgrades / Installation • Software Upgrades / Installation • Operating System Updates • Anti-Virus Installation / Removal • Motherboard Replacement • Memory Upgrades • Etc  

Remote Support

   Support Call 715-232-0517 to get remote support, where a technician from this shop will connect to your pc to assist you. Some issues may not be solvable over the phone and the technician may ask that you being it in. Our remote support is handled through TeamViewer. If asked, you can download the application with the following link: DOWNLOAD  

Fixing All Electronics

Data Recovery? Not a problem! Cracked Laptop Screen? Yep, we fix that. Soldering / Port repair USB or power jacks, we do that Malware or Popups? Cleaned up, optimization included