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 Ubuntu Inside Windows?
Running bash commands natively on a Windows computer?! Microsoft's recent beta build is bringing the Linux terminal to Windows devices. No, it does not run on a virtual machine or container but installs a Windows Subsystem for Linux(WSL). Why would Microsoft do this? One speculation is to try to make Linux developers more interested in running a Windows platform.

If you're interested about learning more we reccomend reading this article from PcWorld. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3050473/windows/heres-how-windows-10s-ubuntu-based-bash-shell-will-actually-work.html

 Tax Day
Spend your tax refund wisely. Check out our new and used inventory for laptops and more. Bundle deals.

 Help us raise funds!
Help us raise funds for local military families in need & Stepping Stones.

PC Doctor will donate $20.00 for each Avira Pro Anti-Virus sold NOW through December 31st.

Check with these other local businesses who are joining us in this effort;

Integrity Auto @ 513 Oak Ave, (715)231-3993

Prestige of Menomonie @ 1221 North Broadway St, (715)309-4000

 Windows 10 Countdown: How To Reserve Your Free Copy

Windows 10 will officially roll out July 29. That means it will be available on any PCs you purchase as of that date -- and as a free upgrade to your existing Windows 7 or 8.1 tablet or PC.

Step 1 - Find The Windows 10 Application

To Reserve your free copy today you'll notice the Windows 10 application in your tray icons by the clock as show in figure to your left

Step 2 - Click Reserve

The next screen will show the the option to click reserve to confirm a 3GB download for Windows 10 when launch date is near. You can always opt out and will NOT be forced to install it until ready.

Step 3 - Enter You Email Address

If you would like conformation of your reserved copy of windows 10, enter a current email address. There is also the option to skip using email conformation but is not advised to do so.

Step 3 - That's it for now!

The title says it all. Now you can just sit back and wait for Windows 10 to be released. Windows 10 will be automatically downloaded to your computer closer to the release date. You will also be alerted once you can install and upgrade your current Windows installation.

Here at Pc Doctor we hope that by following this guide we were able to assist you by reserving your free copy of windows 10! Have a great day.

 Govin's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch Raffle
We are giving away tickets to the award winning corn maze at Govin's Meats & Berries! Stop in during business hours to register for your chance to win (no purchase needed to enter).

Their theme this year is; 100 Years of 4-H in WI.

Hours are:
Fridays 4pm - 10pm (flashlight maze after dark)
Saturdays 10am - 10pm (flashlight maze after dark)
Sundays 11am - 5pm
Open Until November 2nd


Congratulations to the two winners of our drawing:

Jessica Coffin & Jessica Chernak

Stop by any time between 8am - 6pm M-F to pickup your tickets!

 Free Hardware Upgrade Analysis
Hardware upgrades are generally the best way to get more out of your machine; whether it's a solid-state drive that cuts boot time to eight seconds or an increase in ram boosting applications speed- we have what you need. Stop by for a free analysis to see what you can do for your system, And remember to bring either the computer or it's make and model!

 XP Users Now at Higher Risk!
On April eighth Microsoft officially dropped all support for Windows XP. The biggest impact this has, for the average user, is in the security of their system. Any holes in the operating system will not be patched, leading to a higher risk of data theft or infection. A high percent of XP machines do not have the hardware to support updating XP to a more recent version of Windows. With all this in mind we highly recommend users that continue using XP to minimize the amount of time spent online, use only trusted websites, or to stay offline completely.

 Windows 8.1 Lost Password?
Forgetting the password to the linked account on your Windows 8 machine can be bad news! In fact it will render the machine useless. If this has happened to you, bring the computer on over- we are one of the very few repair shops that can recover your access along with the data! Not only that; we do it at a fair price, too!

 Chromebooks in Stock!
Chrome books are now in stock for the holidays! Your data will be safe with these notebooks since all files are kept within the Google cloud- not on a local hard drive where data corruption can happen. They are light weight and perfect for students. In fact; we're offering a student discount! Stop by our shop on Broadway for more information.

 Windows tablets now in-stock!
The market on tablets has finally balanced out! We are now stocking Windows RT based tablets, with touch cover keyboards. Quad core 1.3 ghz with 2gb ram and built-in Microsoft Office; this tablet will be able to handle all your office or personal needs. These seem to be going out quick! Stop by and gets yours today!